08-10 October 2024
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Manta Marine Technologies has signed its 400th contract for FuelOpt™

With FuelOpt™, a propulsion optimisation technology, set to be installed on board 400 vessels globally, Manta Marine Technologies (MMT) is at the forefront of supporting shipowners and operators by delivering proven fuel savings and emission reductions in real-time.

MMT has secured its four hundredth vessel contract for its cutting-edge automated propulsion optimisation technology system, FuelOpt™. The newest agreement, based on subscription, was signed in February 2024 between MMT and J.J. Ugland for installation onboard their 60,000 DWT bulk carrier, the M.V. Jorita.

Richard Engelhart Bjercke, Chief Commercial Officer at Manta Marine Technologies, expressed his pride in securing the 400th FuelOpt™ contract. He emphasised the trust placed in the company by various companies and crews. Bjercke also highlighted the industry’s shift towards a greener and more sustainable future and underscored their commitment to providing solutions that address operators’ needs while advancing their commercial interests.

FuelOpt™ enables vessels to maintain steady and predictable shaft power, eliminating costly variations caused by human operational factors. This also allows the crew to focus on other essential tasks. Once the crew enters the desired setpoints and activates the system from the intuitive bridge panel, the system dynamically controls the propulsion output, ensuring that power is always optimised based on the settings defined and changing environmental conditions.

Compatible with both conventional and alternative fuels, FuelOpt™ is a versatile solution suitable for ship owners seeking to futureproof their investment for the future. The system seamlessly integrates and facilitates fuel and emissions reporting, while also supporting AI-powered routing. For vessels utilising hybrid propulsion technologies like wind assisted propulsion, FuelOpt™ aids in dynamically maintaining a target state, automatically adjusting to surrounding conditions while minimising fuel consumption.

The system easily operates onboard vessels with fixed pitch propellers (FPP) — such as the M.V. Jorita — as well as onboard vessels with controllable pitch propellers (CPP) to provide the greatest amount of thrust with the least expenditure of power.

Gordon Eugen Andersen, Technical Manager at Ugland Marine Services, said, “By placing energy-efficiency and lowered emissions at the heart of our commercial strategy, Ugland Marine Services is committed to advancing in line with shipping’s ambitious decarbonisation targets. The installation of FuelOpt™ onboard the M.V. Jorita is a key step in this journey, and we look forward to working closely with Manta Marine Technologies in the future to unlock the full range of benefits associated with this technology.”

Independent testing has confirmed that FuelOpt™ delivers fuel savings of up to 10% and over, optimising fuel consumption to its fullest extent — a key consideration for operators as fuel costs continue to rise. The maximised and efficient fuel utilisation also helps operators comply with increasingly stringent emissions reduction regulations such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

We pride ourselves on a collaborative customer experience. We have an expanded fleet performance team to help our customers maximise benefits from our products and services and also work closely with classification societies, such as DNV, to verify savings onboard,” said Bjercke.

20th March 2024

Source: Manta Marine Technologies

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