08-10 October 2024

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COSCO SHIPPING Lines announces the introduction of 2024 OCEAN Alliance Day 8 product

The launch of the OCEAN Alliance Day 8 product in April 2024 will cover 37 services, including three Non-OA Transatlantic loops operated by COSCO SHIPPING.

As part of the OCEAN Alliance, COSCO SHIPPING is committed to advancing global trade prosperity by enhancing their scale and strength. They are dedicated to offer broader network, more stable and high-quality service products to their global customers, and endeavour to make contribution to the stability of global supply chain since their operation.They sincerely value the trust and support of their customers.

With the agreement to extend cooperation by at least five years, it showcases OCEAN Alliance’s dedication to delivering stable and reliable service to their customers. The launch of the OCEAN Alliance DAY 8 Product in 2024 further continues stability and coherence of service. With approximately 355 vessels boasting an aggregate capacity of around 4.82 million TEUs and over 480 direct Port Pairs, OCEAN Alliance consistently optimise service frequency and coverage to meet customers’ direct calling needs. The alliance remains committed to enhancing service quality continuously, implementing flexible and practical measures to address changes, and assisting the stability of global supply chain with more stable and predictable services.

OCEAN Alliance demonstrates its commitment to practice the concepts of “green, low-carbon” and enhancing the development of green fleet, to fulfil the carriers’ social responsibilities of Green Shipping.

The OCEAN Alliance DAY 8 product to be launched in April 2024 will cover 37 services and COSCO SHIPPING has 3 Non-OA Transatlantic loops.

The OCEAN Alliance introduces new service offerings across various regions to optimise transit times and enhance service reliability. In Asia-North Europe routes, the focus shifts to direct calls to North European ports, while Mediterranean ports see volume transferred to Asia-Mediterranean routes. The alliance emphasises a “green and low-carbon” approach, promising improved schedule accuracy and expanded coverage. Additionally, they bolster Asia-Mediterranean services, with tailored offerings for West and East Mediterranean regions. Trans-Pacific services are expanded with a focus on express shipping between China and North America. In the Trans-Atlantic sector, COSCO SHIPPING Lines ensures reliability with direct loops between major ports. Furthermore, the alliance enhances connections between the Far East and Middle East, including the addition of new services to the Red Sea region. Through strategic deployment and optimisation, the OCEAN Alliance aims to meet evolving customer demands while ensuring efficiency and security in cargo delivery.

In the future, the OCEAN Alliance will continue with passion and dedication, go “Green” shipping, always adhere to customer-centred concept, and deliver values to all. They remain prepared to accomplish further milestones alongside their customers in the times ahead.

18th March 2024

Source: COSCO Shipping

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