08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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port of antwerp-bruges

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Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a major lifeline for the Belgian economy: more than 300 line services to over 800 destinations ensure global connectivity. The Port of Antwerp-Bruges annually handles around 238 million tonnes of international maritime freight and is home to Europe’s largest integrated chemical cluster. The Port of Antwerp-Bruges accounts, directly and indirectly, for a total of around 143.000 jobs and more than €20 billion added value. 

Antwerp, your breakbulk home port

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the perfect port when it comes to shipping steel, project cargo, fruit, forest products and cars across Europe. Every consignment is unique and, thanks to its can-do attitude and extensive experience of specialised companies, the port provides high-quality shipment of the most diverse breakbulk cargo.
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AXL is proud to be working with some of the industry’s leading brands, associations and media publications. Through working together, we are able to provide the breakbulk industry with the global recognition it deserves.

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North Sea Port

Versatile, multimodal and with plenty of space for development: that is North Sea Port. We are a versatile port, because a large diversity of goods pass via our quays. We are a multimodal port, because we provide access to the hinterland via wide range of transport options, with a strong emphasis on inland shipping. And what's more, we offer space for development with over 1,000 hectares of commercial property still available.
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Varamar is a shipping company established back in 2009 by Alexander Varvarenko. Varamar is well known as a carrier dealing with breakbulk, heavy & oversized, and dry-bulk cargo.

For over a decade, we have developed transport solutions for dismantled plants, factories, wind turbines, bridges, vehicles and even stadiums. We have developed our own methods based on in-house competences and provide a strong set-up for worldwide shipments.
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RHB Stevedoring

RHB Stevedoring handle several kinds of cargoes on their own, private and independent breakbulk, perfectly located, terminal. Loading, unloading, transshipment of seavessels, coasters, pontoons, trucks, containers, and economical and sustainable transport per river barge.

The length of their quay , 730 metres, double railway track connected, in combination with the number of electrical shorecranes, up to 208 tons, tandem lift 216 tons, makes it possible to handle several vessels at the same time. For heavier type of cargoes they use the partner floating cranes up to 1800 tons or more against competitive rates or if present the ship’s cranes.
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Lamberigts & Van Daelen

Founded in 1961 by Mr. Mathieu Lamberigts, M. Lamberigts & A. Van Daelen NV acquired A. Van Daelen's shares, dating back to 1948. In 1991, Mr. Philippe Goossens became the owner and CEO. The company facilitates import and export businesses, primarily in Antwerpen, Zeebrugge, and Rotterdam ports. They emphasize the need for certifications, insurances, licenses, and understanding of complex logistics procedures. While not aiming to become a major multinational, they rely on a trusted global network for consistent performance. They prioritize personalized service, trust, and a reliable documentary flow in logistics. Their commitment is to provide dependable logistics services, even in challenging situations.
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Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Regardless of your lifting needs, Konecranes is committed to providing you with lifting equipment and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.

We have always been dedicated to improving the efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries. And we have done this by continuously providing lifting equipment and services people can trust.
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QTerminals is a terminal operating company jointly established by Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar – 51% shareholding) and Qatar Navigation (Milaha – 49% shareholding) and is responsible for enabling Qatar’s imports and exports, its maritime trade flows and stimulating economic growth locally and regionally.

QTerminals provides container, general cargo, RORO, livestock and offshore supply services in Phase 1 of Hamad Port, Qatar’s gateway to world trade.
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Movers Maritime

Movers Denizcilik Tic. A.Ş. is a maritime management company with four vessels in their fleet. They plan to expand their fleet with experienced office personnel who have seafaring backgrounds. They also provide additional services like time charter operations and act as asset managers and brokers to assist their business partners in various maritime needs.
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