08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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PPG Training masterclass

The PPG Project Forwarding Certificate is open to anyone working in the project logistics sector and delivers a uniquely crafted series of modules targeting heavy-lift cargo transportation. Training facilitators are PPG founder and general manager Kevin Stephens and business communications specialist Rodger Hall.

To be held in conjunction with the AntwerpXL exhibition, the two-day educational masterclass in Antwerp, Belgium, on 28-29 November 2023 is offering project forwarders the chance to propel their business career, stand out from their peers and drive productivity.


Project Professionals Group (PPG) are sending their very best to AntwerpXL! 

Meet General Manager, Kevin Stephens and Marketing Consultant, Rodger Hall.

Mr Stephens said people working in the project forwarding industry needed to be life-long learners to remain current, valuable and provide a competitive advantage for themselves and the businesses they contribute to.

“This training enables learners to build on existing skills through interactions and discussions that stimulate new ideas to manage supply chain disruption and increasing cost pressures,” Mr Stephens said.

Mr Hall said that the way businesses communicate impacts on performance and success of the project.

“Ensuring all communication is clear and concise is a key step in minimising delays or confusion during the transportation of high-value cargoes. This training shows how to present important information in a way that your target audience will understand and trust,” Mr Hall said.



  • Enhancing skill sets and knowledge to transport high-value project cargo
  • Understanding checklists, chartering terms, Conline Booking Notes
  • Produce memos, emails, reports, proposals and presentations that engage the reader and deliver clear results
  • Engaging with industry-leading trainers for feedback that supports active learning
  • Networking with people from the industry you are learning more about
  • Using case studies to develop critical thinking skills
  • A certificate at the end of your learning journey

find out more about the 1-day masterclass

Information on registering for the course, including video testimonials, is available from the PPG website. Alternatively, you can contact PPG General Manager Kevin Stephens directly to discuss the course and book your place.