08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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AntwerpXL 2019 - Port of Antwerp & PortXL discuss the future of breakbulk

AnwerpXL 2019 - Sophie Mckimm's Tips for Visitors at AntwerpXL

AntwerpXL 2019 - Ann De Smet, Port of Antwerp

AntwerpXL 2019 - Visitor interview
Dag De Bondt, Lalemant Ghent

AnwerpXL 2019 - Visitor interview Roland De Thieulloy, Livo Logistics

AntwerpXL 2019 - Visitor interview Bert Smet, Euroports Belgium

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Jacques Vandermeiren, Port of Antwerp

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Donna Watson, Tyne Gangway Ltd

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Joris Leonaers, Heavy

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | An Damen, Port of Antwerp

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Ahmadou Diop, Istamco

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Sandra Bal, BBC Chartering Belgium

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | David Van Ballaert, BallSallaum Lines

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Beppie Van Der Velde, Soreidom & Caribbean Line

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Philippe Lambrechtsen, MSC

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Dirk Elinck, Finnlines

AntwerpXL 2019 - Exhibitor interview | Malte Bode, Samskip

AntwerpXL 2019 - Stefan Verberckmoes, Shipping Analyst & Editor, North Europe Alphaliner

AntwerpXL 2019 - Keynote speaker interview | Paul Birch, Vision Juice

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Roy Van Eijsden, WSP

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Marcel Pater, North Sea Port

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Ann De Smet, Port of Antwerp

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Catrien Scheers, Fast Group

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Arne Vanes, ArcelorMittal

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Marc Van Aken, Zuidnatie Breakbulk

AntwerpXL 2019 - Speaker interview | Etienne De Vel, FedNav

AntwerpXL 2019 - Media interview | Oliver Ward, Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International

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