08-10 October 2024

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FincoEnergies supports Glomar Offshore’s decarbonisation journey with GoodFuels HVO30

Glomar Offshore, a prominent offshore drilling services provider, has reduced their CO2 emissions by 28% through the shift from traditional fuels to GoodFuels HVO30, a sustainable marine biofuel blend. This adoption of HVO30 on a fixed basis signifies a fresh phase in the enduring partnership between FincoEnergies and Glomar.

Navigating towards a brighter future together

Several years ago, Glomar initiated its sustainability journey by integrating FincoEnergies’ ChangeXL additive, which notably slashed 1,006,892 kg of CO2 emissions in 2023. Building upon its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, the offshore services provider has now transitioned from conventional marine fuels to GoodFuels HVO30, marking a significant stride towards sustainability. With plans to implement GoodFuels HVO30 across its entire fleet this year, Glomar recently completed its inaugural delivery of this eco-friendly alternative in January, resulting in an additional 28% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Providing decarbonisation solutions for the maritime sector

FincoEnergies, Glomar Offshore’s trusted partner in decarbonisation, played a pivotal role in facilitating their journey towards more sustainable operations. Mike Visser, Sales Manager at FincoEnergies, expressed pride in advancing Glomar’s transition to a greener future, emphasising their commitment to providing tailored decarbonisation solutions. At FincoEnergies, collaboration with customers drives impactful change in the maritime sector. They offer expert insights, calculate CO2 reductions, and provide technical advice on transitioning to sustainable marine biofuels like GoodFuels. Melvin Weij, COO at Glomar Offshore, praised FincoEnergies’ understanding of their unique industry challenges. As partners, they look forward to further decarbonisation strides, including transitioning to higher HVO blends in the future.

Continuous commitment to sustainability

Melvin Weij, COO at Glomar Offshore, expresses keen enthusiasm for the partnership and future endeavours: “We’re committed to reducing our ecological impact, striving for a greener, more sustainable future. Working with an experienced decarbonisation partner in the maritime industry has made a difference in reaching our sustainability objectives. The people at FincoEnergies understand our unique energy demands and challenges in the maritime industry. They guide us through every step of the way. The transition to GoodFuels HVO30 marks a significant milestone in our journey. And the most beneficial part is that – in addition to GoodFuels sustainable biofuels being derived from feedstocks that are certified as 100% waste and residues – HVO30 is a drop-in fuel, which means it can be dropped directly without having to make changes to the fuel infrastructure or the engine of our ship. Our next decarbonisation goal is switching to a higher blend, HVO40, with dedicated support from our partner, FincoEnergies.”

Source: FincoEnergies

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FincoEnergies supports Glomar Offshore’s decarbonisation journey with GoodFuels HVO30

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