08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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Belgo- Iberian Maritime wins ‘Most Sustainable Stand’ at AntwerpXL 2023!

At this year’s AntwerpXL, that took place on 28-30th November at the Antwerp Expo, stand awards were given to the most impressing exhibitors.

In today’s world sustainability is more important than ever. Use renewable materials, source sustainable suppliers and recycle where possible. The winner of the ‘Most Sustainable Stand’ award this year was Belgo- Iberian Maritime who showed showing the biggest commitment to the environment.

Journalist Molly Cooper spoke with Liesbeth Daenens, line manager at Belgo- Iberian Maritime about winning the award.

‘Our stand has two elements that are sustainable. The first being the green wall (seen in the picture) which is made from real moss. The idea behind it is we have a sustainable product, so it reflects that. Secondly, we also have the green bar which is made from artificial dunnage product, so that’s where the concept was coming from to make it green,’ says Daenens.

AntwerpXL takes pride in showcasing it exhibitors and highlighting their achievements. ‘It’s really nice to be recognised our the effort we put into our stand, it wasn’t expected at all, so we thank the AntwerpXL team for the awards,’ she adds.

Commenting on the show, Daemen’s says: ‘We have a lot of people coming to the booth and saying hello, and we’re meeting lots of people which is always interesting. I think it’s a good exhibition this year, it’s evolved since last years.’

Save the date for next year’s AntwerpXL, 8-10th October 2024.

Author: Molly Cooper, AntwerpXL

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