08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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Navigating the Future: Introducing the CIP6300 General Cargo Vessel

Conoship International introduces the CIP6300 General Cargo Vessel, a pioneering maritime innovation that emphasises sustainability and adaptability.

The vessel’s design centres around exceptional fuel efficiency, featuring a diesel-electric propulsion system and wind-assisted propulsion compatibility to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental responsibility is a core principle, with a focus on low fuel consumption and greenhouse gas reduction. The option to install VentoFoil units enhances fuel efficiency further. Versatility in cargo handling is another highlight, with a spacious cargo hold accommodating various cargo types.

The vessel’s adaptability in fuel selection is groundbreaking. It allows future fuel transitions without costly conversions, aligning with eco-friendly trends.

Conoship’s approach prioritises value for money, reduced delivery time, and a flexible supply chain, allowing customers to tailor shipbuilding to their needs.

With an emphasis on delivering excellence, the CIP6300 boasts impressive technical specifications. It sets a new standard for sustainable and efficient cargo transportation, promising a greener maritime future.

Find out more: Conoship CIP6300 General Cargo Vessel

Contact: solutions@conoship.com

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