08-10 October 2024
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ENABL installs Tagline Master System on Mammoet’s largest crane

ENABL, supplier of consulting services, equipment, and service to the wind turbine industry, has installed its Tagline Master System on Mammoet’s PTC210-DS ring crane. The crane is among the world’s largest onshore cranes.

World’s largest specialist transport and heavy lifting company, Mammoet has the ring crane, which is one of the world’s largest onshore cranes. This is currently located at Mammoet’s European headquarters in Schiedam, Netherlands.

The Tagline Master System securely attaches to the ring crane, eliminating the need for dependence on the surroundings and allowing the taglines to seamlessly follow the movements of the ring crane. This leads to better-controlled lifting operations, reduced downtime and lower costs.

Mammoet’s project manager, Rutger Beelen says: ‘The system enables us to safely control loads whilst having a minimum impact on the project site itself. Due to its small footprint, it can be installed on the crane itself. It is a user-friendly system, and the remote control gives the possibility of operating the system at height during removal and installation.’

‘With the Tagline Master System, Mammoet will be able to lift loads at higher wind speed, so they can simply speed up processes due to optimisation,’ adds Dan Albjerg, operation manager at ENABL.

Author: Molly Cooper, AntwerpXL

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