08-10 October 2024

Antwerp expo Belgium

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Aprojects shares its excitement for AntwerpXL only two weeks away

Established in 2005, Aprojects is a global operating logistics service provider specialising in offering comprehensive, turnkey solutions for complex logistics supply chains. From supplier to site, Aprojects offers support in global logistics, for example, purchase order management, ex-works pickup, marshalling yards, packing, preservation, terminal handling, cargo superintendent services, stevedoring, multi-modal transport coordination, customs clearance, destination services, including delivery, rigging, and on-site installation, among others.

‘Aprojects’ dedicated teams provide customers with control tower vision and end-to-end traceability of each individual component,’ comments Patrick Smets, commercial manager at Aprojects.

Intergrated solutions 

‘We’ve observed a rise in offshore renewable energy projects worldwide – a trend reflecting the market’s transition toward cleaner energy sources as countries aim to enhance energy security and reduce dependence on imported or other fossil fuels. With over 20 years of experience in projects, including oil and gas activities, Aprojects successfully applies this expertise to renewable projects that demand similar support,’ adds Smets.

By offering integrated solutions that cover the entire supply chain, including marshalling yards, inventory management, chartering, shipping, and logistics, Aprojects is uniquely positioned to deliver customised services that meet its clients’ specific needs globally. ‘We believe this is what sets us apart,’ comments Smets.

Moving cargo 

In 2005, Aprojects began primarily with domestic project cargo (mainly in Europe). Globally active industrial groups, mostly OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), initially utilised its facilities in Antwerp and Shanghai, and later expanded to include locations additional locations in China, South Korea, Russia, and the USA. These facilities served as intermediate storage for long-term project cargo.

Aprojects’ presence in major global hubs, along with its ability to deploy experts to various service locations, means that it can potentially support developments worldwide. Smets says: ‘Our role as an integrated service provider becomes even more important as we contribute to transformation of the energy market.’

Amid all the changes in the market, one constant remains. ‘We believe in maximising the value our customers receive when working with us through our flexible and diverse range of offerings. When customers choose to partner with Aprojects, they should receive returns that far exceed their investment, thanks to our control tower visibility,’ adds Smets.

Speaking at AntwerpXL

During the panel ‘Being a One-Stop-Shop for Breakbulk/Project Cargo’, Smets hopes to demonstrate Aprojects’ enthusiasm, extensive experience, and capability to various stakeholders, including existing customers, prospective project owners (such as other project forwarders, OEMs, and EPCs), both asset-driven and non-asset-driven long-term operational partners, and other stakeholders. ‘Our goal is to successfully execute projects from end to end, including managing individual segments of the supply chain, such as chartering, transport engineering, marine surveys, quay/supercargo services, lifting and lashing plans, method statements, load distribution, and more,’ comments Smets.

‘As much as we are committed to ensuring the efficient coordination of entire projects, we also value the individual needs of each customer. Whether it’s handling 150,000 m³ of various components, 20,000 tons of coated steel pipes, a 500-ton heavy lift, 10 open-top containers, or just one pallet of road freight, or 5 kg of air freight, we approach each requirement with the same level of care and consistency,’ he adds.

Smets hopes to offer the audience insights into Aprojects global capabilities, aiming to convey that Aprojects doesn’t just provide traditional ‘local’ forwarding services. Smets also wants to highlight that Aprojects operates strategic marshalling yards and warehouses in multiple deep-sea ports across the world. Through these facilities, Aprojects can both consolidate export cargo and temporarily store import cargo before delivering it to the project site.

‘Our audience can gain knowledge about our newest additional facility in Antwerp, well-equipped for Heavy Lift handling. This facility also provides ancillary maintenance services, packing, repacking, shrink-wrapping, repairs, and quality assessments,’ Smets says.

Collaboration with partners

Aprojects’ daily work involves collaborating with colleagues and close partners from various countries, jointly working on projects. Smets comments: ‘We leverage each other’s local expertise, and thankfully, staying connected is easier than ever in this day and age, but nothing can replace face-to-face interactions.’

As a result, Smets eagerly anticipates meeting both new and long-standing business partners and friends, where Aprojects can showcase the enthusiasm and availability of Aprojects’ dedicated project teams, consisting of 235 full-time employees, that maintain a presence in 19 strategic locations around the world.

‘People are the cornerstone to Aproject’s success, and we are fortunate to have highly skilled and knowledgeable colleagues as well as carefully chosen partners worldwide. All Aprojects team members are eager to meet and exchange insights with individuals from diverse nationalities and cultures, bringing with them valuable experiences and perspectives,’ Smets says.

Aprojects firmly believe that decarbonisation will take centre stage in all supply chains. As a service provider, it is fully committed to supporting this inevitable transition. However, this doesn’t imply that existing fossil fuel projects will vanish. Even as renewable energy sources are projected to dominate by 2050, the demand for oil and gas to meet the growing energy needs will likely remain at similar levels, particularly as carbon capture technologies are developed to reduce carbon emissions.

‘In addition to the new business landscape this shift will bring, we are particularly interested in learning from best-practice cases and discovering how to further support our commitment to reduce our own carbon footprint and assist our customers in their efforts to decarbonise and operate more sustainably. This aligns with our own sustainability commitment to adapt, innovate, and reduce our impact while engaging stakeholders to create long-term value in building a sustainable future,’ adds Smets.

Looking forward to AntwerpXL

The Breakbulk community consists of like-minded individuals who all share the same passion and skillset required to make creative, intelligent and responsible decisions.

‘AntwerpXL provides yet another opportunity to meet interesting individuals in the project cargo and breakbulk industry in person. It serves as a suitable networking platform, enabling Aprojects, as well as all the guests and parts, to foster connections, create new business opportunities, and fortify existing key relationships,’ comments Smets.

‘Let’s connect, re-connect, and continue growing… Aprojects has always operated discreetly, following the motto: ‘Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.’ But sometimes, on occasion like these we humbly raise our flag,’ adds Smets.

Don’t forget to register now for AntwerpXL on 28-30th November at the Antwerp Expo: AntwerpXL 2023 (visitcloud.com)

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Author: Cyann Fielding, AntwerpXL

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