08-10 October 2024

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Mawani and Port of Rotterdam agree to develop smart ports

Saudi Ports will equip the workforce with the relevant skills and technology to solve internal and external challenges while facilitating the efficient movement of goods, delivery of services and smooth flow of information as part of a new agreement.   

The Saudi Ports Authority, known as Mawani, has signed a partnership agreement with the Dutch Port of Rotterdam aimed at enhancing cooperation in developing smart ports and human capabilities while exchanging experiences and knowledge.   

The agreement aligns with Mawani’s efforts to bolster the competitiveness of Saudi ports globally in cooperation with the National Competitiveness Center.   

It also aligns well with the authority’s attempts to support and further enable the maritime transport sector, the ports and the logistics services.     

Both parties will work together to foster digital transformation toward smart ports. They will collaborate with the marine environment agenda and the green ports initiative to develop the operational and logistical performance in Saudi ports. 

The newly signed partnership is also expected to contribute to maximising the values of complementary work between Mawani and the Port of Rotterdam, which increases the optimal investment of the strategic location occupied by Saudi ports and its capabilities.   

In addition, the agreement also sees Mawani benefiting from the operational expertise of the Port of Rotterdam regarding managing ports, developing their business and planning their strategies. 

Author: Cyann Fielding, AntwerpXL 2023

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