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Exciting updates in the supply chain industry from DEUFOL

DEUFOL, a leading provider of industrial goods packaging and supply chain services, is repeatedly making waves in the industry. Providing both packaging and logistics services, and is crucially involved with a lot of industrial exports. DEUFOL is committed to maximising its sustainability in its operations.

Journalist Cyann Fielding sat down with Ralph Mertens, business development and marketing manager at DEUFOL to find out about the company’s latest updates and advancements and its participation in the highly anticipated AntwerpXL 2023 event.

Expanding presence and digital solutions

Recently, DEUFOL has taken an important step in expanding its global presence in the US. Opening a new site in Houston, Texas, has allowed the company to better serve new and old customers in the United States. The new site proves DEUFOL’s commitment to providing stable industrial cargo consolidating, packaging, warehousing, and shipping services.

DEUFOL is also establishing its presence at the forefront of breakbulk’s digital transformation. DEUFOL is developing and rolling out its digital supply chain solutions with two notable offerings: DEUFOL Photodocu and DEUFOL Supply Chain Management Software. Both solutions offer enhanced supply chain optimisation, transparency and end-to-end solutions for industrial supply chains.


A lot of DEUFOL’s 90 sites have also been transformed into hubs for consolidating, packing, and shipping industrial cargo. These hubs are strategically located near seaports, airports, and inland areas, offering efficient consolidation and handling of cargo. This allows DEUFOL to streamline operations and also help reduce transport and warehousing costs for businesses.

Maximising efficiency and sustainability

One of DEUFOL’s persistent ambitions is to continually improve efficiency in handling breakbulk & project cargo. The company is continuously enhancing packaging solutions through innovative tools such as BoxCAD design, DEUFOL Packaging Engineering & Academy, and LoadBalancer packaging production steering.

DEUFOL has also embarked on the rollout of ISO14001 for environmental management and has developed ‘Go Green’ programmes to customise sustainability strategies for different customers. By understanding the different needs and goals of its customers, DEUFOL can consider factors such as material usage, packaging redesign, reusable packaging and emission reduction to minimise environmental impacts.

Looking ahead to AntwerpXL 2023

Mertens says: ‘We’ve always had a site in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and we work closely with the Port Authority. So we were aware [of AntwerpXL] and involved from the first moment.’ Having already participated in AntwerpXL 2022, DEUFOL is eager for the upcoming AntwerpXL 2023 event. ‘It’s a great and well organised event. All DEUFOL colleagues like to come to AXL,’ says Mertens.

‘We get to reconnect with the people we know, and also connect with new companies and people. There is also the opportunity to learn more on new trends, innovations and companies in the industrial supply chain , breakbulk, and project cargo world,’ he adds.
DEUFOL’s recent developments and innovations showcase their dedication to revolutionising the industrial packaging & supply chain industry. By expanding their global presence, introducing digital solutions, and focusing on sustainability, DEUFOL will prove an invaluable addition to AntwerpXL 2023. Looking towards November, DEUFOL aims to foster new connections, gain fresh insights, and continue its growth.

AntwerpXL returns on 28-30 November 2023. DEUFOL will be exhibiting on booth D20. Register now!

Author: Cyann Fielding, AntwerpXL 2023

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