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Mammoet breaks Vietnamese heavy-lift record 

Mammoet was selected by the Vietnam-based PTSC Mechanical & Construction Company to complete a four-phase project for the offshore Sao Vang and Dai Nguyet gas and condensate development project, about 300 km south-east of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

 The SVDN field development project was approved by the Vietnamese government in 2017 and will produce up to 1.5 billion m³ of gas and over 500,000 barrels of condensate annually.  


Mammoet’s scope includes load out of the Sao Vang jacket, flare tip installation, installation of the living quarter’s module and topsides integration with a deck support fame.  

 The project’s first phase involved the load-out of the 12,733-tonne jacket.  

The living quarter (LG) module was transported via 56 axle lines of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) to the topside area, where four Mega Jack 5200 towers placed the LQ on top of the Mega Jack 5200 system for lifting to a height of 18.6 m. 

Following this, the LQ module was skidded into its final location on the deck on beams. 

The Mega Jack system was later repositioned underneath the 14,000-tonne Main Deck to jack up to a height of 18 m. 

After this, the Deck Support Frame was skidded beneath the topside, which was then lowered and integrated with the Deck Support Frame. 

Mammoet was able to efficiently load out the entire topside structure, by this point weighing 15,608 tonnes, using the same strand jack equipment that had been employed for the earlier jacket load-out. 

Source: Cyann Fielding, Journalist, AntwerpXL

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