Due to the extraordinary dimensions and weights of the fractionator and the reactor , basic parameters such as the turning radius of the axial lines on curves, the height of upper constructions, the longitudinal slope of the road or the axle loading weight had to be considered to ensure smooth road transportation.

“Considering the scope of the whole project and the high number of interfaces, barge voyages and overland trips, preparation, timing, coordination and teamwork were key to successful project delivery. Teamwork and the full support of the client, project owner and all subcontractors made this great project a success even during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Eun-Hee Jeong, Director, deugro (Japan) Co., Ltd.

“It took a great deal of time for planning and required the concentration of the best effort of all concerned parties until the completion of this project. The best collaboration brought this successful result, which has been recorded as the one of the biggest shipments that has ever made its way up the Lena River to the Irkutsk region, and the first transportation for Toyo through the Northern Sea Route,” said Jung-Ah Kang, Lead transportation coordinator, Toyo Engineering Corporation.