Why should visitors of Antwerp XL follow the PFM Masterclass “The shipper’s perspective?”

Peter Bouwhuis, the trainer for this course, tells us what you can expect during this 1-day masterclass. 

Looking towards the years to come within our industry it is of great importance to keep evolving within your niche. During this Masterclass a lot about how to manage cost and risk within a project instead of focusing on pricing. Shipper’s perspective is being disused on managing projects and the service providers perspective. The course you will learn how to stay efficient, in control and competitive in the market.

There are many elements that can make a project successful. Project Planning, Pricing vs Cost and Full Control are three very important elements in this. The industry does not spend enough time on project planning. This always results in losing focus during the execution of the project. Almost always one can see problems occur at the middle and end of a project which will drive the costs up versus when a good planning had been established. Project schedules start shifting, ETA’s get shifted and in projects this means an increase in costs and potentially the risk on penalties.

In our industry a lot of the providers are still focused on “pricing” because they believe shippers see this as important. This is not completely the case. They need for the project to stay on budget and this is the focus when it comes to costs. However, the project cost is a more important than the individual pricing.

There should not be wasting of time on RFQ’s and pricing because projects are a future event in which nothing is predictable and everything can, and will, change. When giving a low pricing, a customer cannot expect any quality and the service it’s the same. When the timeline of transport and deliveries get delayed or disrupted it will have a bigger impact then the costs and risks.

Managing projects has always been about having, and keeping, full control from beginning to the very end. What does that mean? In projects there are always details that change. Having full con-trol in a project means knowing what changed, when, and having a plan to mitigate and or fix the deliveries. Responsibility for delivery gets put on contracted parties to reduce the risk and work. But experience tells us that this increases the risks. If you want to have your project delivered within schedule and in line with the planned and agreed upon terms, then one should be in full control and have full responsibility. Deliveries arriving unexpected to the job site need to be co-ordinated and scheduled. In any of the above-mentioned scenario’s this means additional costs.

The Masterclass has been created for EPC’s, Cargo owners and project forwarders but would be equally valuable to other industry related providers. A great way to stay current and give you the know-how to successfully manage projects.

The Project Freight Management course provides you with the tools you need to create value to your customers and advance your career in this competitive world.

The Project Freight Management 1-day Masterclass will be held at the Antwerp Expo on 21st of April during the opening day of AntwerpXL 2020. Don’t forget to register, and we hope to see you there.

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