Interview: Neville Bissett, CEO, QTerminals

How long have you been in the Breakbulk industry?

My association with the ports and transportation industry has been for last 15 years and breakbulk has been an integral part of this journey.

Biggest change you have seen in the Breakbulk market in this time?

The most visible aspect has been the continuous transition of breakbulk to containerisation which is evident from the reducing volumes. However, this has also allowed evolution of more specialized breakbulk and project cargo handling.

What is the best part of your role?

Every cargo handling opportunity is a learning experience. You are always pushed to think out of the box.

Most challenging part of your role?

Our team is the biggest asset of our company. The most important aspect of my role is to see them return to their homes safely, every day.

Favourite country to travel with for work?

No one country – Africa.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Change is permanent, embrace change to be successful.

As we are a community travelling all the time, what is your recommended travel read (if you have the time)?

Newspapers (lots of them) and information on the country you’re travelling to.

What are you most looking forward to at Antwerp XL 2020

I look forward to learn and share insights on the new developments in this sector. Qatar is a strong and rapidly growing economy, with many mega projects in different stages of construction. QTerminals Hamad Port, as the main commercial hub for breakbulk handling in Qatar, has extensive experience of handling multiple types of breakbulk and project cargoes.

Why is Antwerp XL important to you?

Breakbulk doesn’t get the recognition given to containers and bulk in cargo transportation. It is encouraging to see a dedicated event for breakbulk cargo and handling.

You can visit QTerminals on stand F30 at Antwerp XL 2020, taking place 21-23 April at Antwerp Expo.

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