Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will be able to find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. 

If you still have doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact the Operations Team

Pre Show FAQ

In order to access the webshop you will have to log into your MyEasyfairs account. Once logged in you can access the webshop through the “Manage stand” tab.

  • If you have missed the deadlines for forms please contact the operations team immediately to ensure your ability to build or exhibit.
  • If you have missed the deadline for ordering furniture, graphics or additional stand items please contact the operations team
  • Please note that orders will be subject to availability.
  • grid plan must contain the placement of your storage area, electrics or any additional stand fittings. Please view our grid plan how to ensure your grid plan are as per the guidelines.
  • If you are a space only stand please ensure you clearly identify the placement of electrics.
  • Download an example here

You will find all important timings such as: 

  • build-up times
  • show open times
  • break down times

In the timetable.

Yes, the online forms are mandatory for all exhibitors as they regard the show open days. The forms your stand builder has sent regard the build-up days.

No, as we work with an automated sytem that send the invoices we are unnable to an invoice to your standbuilder. The invoice will automatically go to the exhibitor who will have to arrange itself with his standbuilder.

The contracting with us of graphic includes the printing, placement, maintenance and removal of the graphic. The design will have to be uploaded on our partner’s platform via a link you will receive through email. We can recommend our designer for the realization of the final arts, with low budget cost.

If you have been able to upload your graphics on the platform and you did not receive an error message then everything is fine. 
If a problem should occur, we will come back to you to find a way to solve the issue. If we do not come back to you this means everything is fine.

Depending on your stand type you have items included or not. Please refer to the Your Stand page to find more information.

  • If you require entry on build or breakdown dates you will require a sliver wrist band which allows us to identify you as a contractor.
  • The contractor passes will be provided to you once you enter the venue, upon entering the venue you are required to read our onsite rules and procedures. Once you have done so you will receive a silver wristband. For sustainability we encourage you to reuse your silver wristbands.

Logistics will be provided via our third party supplier, please contact our operations team for more information or visit the traffics page.

You will be able to retrieve your ordered parking tickets at the Organisers office.

  • If you would like to receive a delivery onsite you must clearly identify your company name on the label and ensure that you are on your stand to receive the delivery
  • Please note if you are not present once a delivery arrives, We cannot accept the parcel for you and it will be returned.
  • Dimensions of items you have ordered are provided in the description of the product on the myeasyfairs shop.
  • If you need additional information on items that you have ordered please contact the operations team.
  • If you would like to hire a forklift onsite please go to the help desk and speak to the operations team who will be able to provide you with support
  • As forklifts are subject to availability please ensure you check the suppliers page for more information on how to rent a forklift.

Onsite FAQ

If you have difficulties on site please go to the help desk which will be located within the venue. The team will be able to support on issues in relation to furniture, your stand, AV and any additional orders.

Please note that furniture orders or Av orders onsite are subject to availability. To guarantee that you receive additional furniture please ensure you order ahead of time via our Myeasyfairs shop or contact the operations team

Please note parking is subject to availability so please ensure you view our traffics page which provides you with information on how to book parking. Additional costs may apply if you have not booked your parking ahead of time.

The Smart Badge is a lead capturing tool. During the event, visitors will be able to approach their badge on your badge reader. They will receive the information you have entered in your My Easyfairs account. 

Once the event is over and your reader has been returned you will be able to download all the leads from the people who have touched your reader. 
This includes all contact information exportable as an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information about the Smart Badge please contact Alexandra Fenner-Solomon

  • Every exhibitor has to remove the rubbish from hist stand during build-up, show days and breakdown. If rubbish remains on the stand extra costs might be applicable.
  • A cleaning service is available, contact the operations team to arrange it.
  • There are multiple charging spots around the venue Located in coffee shops and networking areas.
  • If you are having trouble finding these onsite please visit the help desk who will be able to provide additional information
  • If you have a stand with us you must order electrics to ensure you have sockets on your stand to use for charging or other appliances