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Data helping drivers achieve higher LA-LB dual transaction rates: Dray Alliance

Drayage marketplace Dray Alliance said Friday it is enabling “above market” use of so-called dual transactions in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year.

The company, which in December raised $40 million from venture capital investors, said 83.8 percent of the company’s transactions at the Southern California port complex involve a driver returning an empty container and then picking up a laden import container in the same move.

According to data provided to Dray Alliance by the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA), dual transactions account for 49.3 percent of moves at four LA-LB terminals that measure such activity: Yusen Terminals, Total Terminals International, Everport Terminal Services, and TraPac.

Dual transactions are considered a key solution in reducing port congestion at the busiest container gateway in North America, as they allow dray carriers to cut the number of trips to terminals in half and facilitate reuse of chassis.

“By focusing on dual transactions, we are working with independent carriers to take strides to decongest ports, move containers at a more efficient clip and free up chassis to repeat the process again,” Dray Alliance CEO Steve Wen said in a statement. “It is essential now to find effective ways to clear the backlogs that persist at our ports. Inconsistent and inefficient port practices have been a pain point in our industry well before the pandemic. They were just exacerbated by the myriad of disruptions.”

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Source: joc.com

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