AntwerpXL interviews industry experts and breakbulk leaders. Read through the interviews and hear more about the latest developments in the breakbulk industry.

Interview with ROK STRUKELJ

Find out more about XL 40 Under 40 winner Rok Strukelj!

Interview with Bep van der Velde - line manager at Caribbean Line

Find out more about Caribbbean Line’s ling manager!

Interview with Koen van duyse, general manager of rct stevedoring

Quickfire question round: AntwerpXL’s newest exhibitor for 2021 RCT Stevedoring, based in Belgium, completed our quickfire round. Find out about Koen, General Manager, & what he had to say about the industry:

Interview with Theodor Preststulen, CEO of Mavisoft

We sat down with Theodor Preststulen, CEO of first-time AXL exhibitor Mavisoft – the world’s leading researcher of automated industrial surveying – to talk about the show, industry trends, and the impact of COVID-19 has had on business…

XL in Renewables in the COVID-19 age

Hans Henrik Groen, Logistics Director in the North-Europe and Middle East regions at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, takes us behind the scenes in a fast-growing industry.

An Evening at the Seafarers’ Centre

Antwerp XL is partnered with all sorts of businesses in the breakbulk supply chain, but we
also work with charities. The official charity of this year’s show is the Mission to Seafarers &
St Boniface at the Port of Antwerp. You might ask yourself, how does the church fit in with
modern seafaring? Father Brian Millson explains the brilliant work he was doing every
evening at the Seafarers’ Centre to support sailors of different backgrounds from all around
the world before the coronavirus pandemic resulted in its doors being temporarily closed…

Next-Gen Breakbulk - Skills & Competencies of the future

Christa Sys, Professor and holder of the BNP Paribas Fortis chair on Transport, Logistics and
Ports at the University of Antwerp, explores what the next generation of breakbulk
professionals will need to meet changing demands…

The top 5 certainties of IMO 2020

Antwerp XL guest speaker, Pablo Rodas-Martini, Shipping Emissions expert and author of IMO
2020: A Regulatory Tsunami, lists his top 5 impacts of the IMO 2020 fuel sulphur cap ahead of
his talk on the subject at the Main Deck Conference on 22 April…

Interview with Sten Tuhkunen, Shipping Specialist, Nizi Initernational S.A.

We sat down with one of Antwerp XL 2019’s visitors, Sten Tuhkunen, Shipping Specialist at
Nizi International S.A., to get his industry insights and predictions for Antwerp XL 2020 and the
industry at large.

Interview with Michael Richards, Bulk & Breakbulk Manager, Port of Portland

We sat down with one of AntwerpXL 2019’s international visitors, Michael Richards, Bulk &
Breakbulk Manager at the Port of Portland, to get his industry insights and ask about his
experience of visiting the event earlier this year.

Interview with Kevin Stephens, Founder & Chairman, Project Professionals Group (PPG)

We sat down with Kevin Stephens, Founder & Chairman at PPG, to talk about his experience of
AntwerpXL this year. He also shared his thoughts on where the breakbulk industry is heading.