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France’s leading port to grow in 2023 

Haropa Port has continued progress, despite a market in a downturn. The port has won an additional market share in the Northern Range and improved its modal shares on the Seine Axis. 

The port, which began transformation following a merger in 2021, is now experiencing positive results with MSC’s historic decision to invest in reinforcing the Seine logistics corridor.  

In 2023, the port intends to continue its investment and its transformation. Part of this will include developing the first decarbonised industrial ecosystem and continuing the structural development of its multimodal logistics corridor. 

Ecological and energy transition accounted for 16% of the port’s investments in 2022 and are expected to increase to 19% in 2023.  

The largest multimodal platform in the Greater Paris area will soon be producing green energy using biowaste. Paprec has been selected to design and operate the future methanisation plant to process household biowaste from Paris, at the port of Gennevilliers. The plant has a capacity of 50,000 tonnes and, starting in 2025, will generate biogas for injection into the Paris area supply network, in addition to farm fertiliser.  

Also, following the deployment of a network of LNG service stations, a new generation of multi-energy stations will be set up at multimodal platforms in the Paris area at Gennevilliers, Bonneuil-sur-Marne, Limay, Bruyères and Montereau. These facilities will distribute decarbonised hydrogen for road transport and river transport. 

Lastly, the decision on the award following the Grand Canal call for project proposals in Le Havre, to be announced in 2023, will come as a confirmation of this strategic focus. 

Source: Cyann Fielding, Antwerp XL

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