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Mammoet and Bay Crane announce partnership 

Mammoet, the world’s largest engineered heavy lifting and transport service provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Bay Crane Services, a leader in the crane rental, specialised transportation, and construction industries throughout the northeastern United States. 

The new partnership will focus on serving the renewable offshore wind requirements of the northeastern United States. Mammoet and Bay Crane hope to establish a local presence, positioning both companies as an accelerator toward a net zero future. The project will also boost the local economy while delivering clean, cost-efficient energy to the region and serve clients’ growing needs. 

Kenneth Bernardo, Bay Crane Companies CEO states: ‘Mammoet and Bay Crane have worked together on a multitude of projects in the northeastern region over the years period the strategic partnership presents clear advantages to both companies, as well as the offshore industry. We are excited to offer up our portfolio of both global and regional market experience to provide safe, efficient, and innovative solutions to the renewable energy industry in the United States.’ 

Source: Cyann Fielding, AntwerpXL

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