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XELLZ receives first patent for its ReelFrame™ cable transport solution

Dutch logistics company XELLZ has developed the ReelFrame™ as a solution to transporting heavy cable drums or reels without the use of cranes when loading and offloading trailers at factories, storage places and at the job site. It has now received the first patent for the ReelFrame technology.

XELLZ is attempting to stabilise and make light work of one ongoing transportation challenge for the energy industry with their latest innovation. According to XELLZ, the concept has not been used before.

The concept for the cable drum transport is firstly to remove any and all lifting requirements, with the exception perhaps of lifting in and out of a river barge or sea vessel. The ReelFrame™ means that cable drums up to 100mt no longer need to be loaded for transport with a crane. Operational costs are now much lower, the process is safer, takes less handling, and allows for a quicker turnaround.

The prototype has already been manufactured and is the perfect solution for all onshore HV cable projects, and has received positive responses from project owners, cable manufacturers, and transport companies alike.

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Source: breakbulk.news

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