4 - 6 October 2022 | Antwerp expo

4 - 6 October 2022 | Antwerp expo

HAV Group gets go-ahead for hydrogen-based energy system for ships

Norwegian HAV Group ASA has received preliminary approval for a hydrogen-based energy system for ships developed within the FreeCO2ast project, making a step forward in the commercial use of hydrogen fuel by a commercial vessel.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has issued a statement of preliminary assessment for the technology developed by HAV Hydrogen, which is one of the first companies to receive this type of approval for a maritime hydrogen-based energy system with a liquid hydrogen tank below deck from the Norwegian flag, HAV Group said.

The preliminary approval confirms that the alternative design is considered feasible and sound in accordance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines on alternative design and that the project is ready to advance into the next stage – the final design phase.

According to the developer, this means that the technology is ready to enter the commercial stage where the company can start offering its products to the global maritime market.

Commenting on the approval, Kristian Osnes, project manager for the FreeCO2ast project and managing director at HAV Hydrogen, said: “Hydrogen can be the key to achieving zero-emission shipping. This regulatory approval takes us an important step towards commercialising our hydrogen solutions and realising the zero-emission ambition. The learnings from this comprehensive approval process are highly important for HAV Hydrogen’s competence in designing hydrogen system solutions”.

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Source: tanknewsinternational.com

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