Linde’s AWP approach to Amur

During May 2021, Linde Engineering reached a key milestone at the Amur gas chemical complex in Russia – the transport of a 1,500-tonne quench tower. According to Linde, the move showcased the benefits of advanced work packaging (AWP).

The Amur gas chemical complex is set to house the world’s largest steam cracker for ethane and LPG feedstocks. Mechanical completion of the site is scheduled for 2024. Linde is delivering several vital components and is calling on the expertise of its senior project director Harald Schubert and his global team to manage the megaproject.

Schubert explained: “We loaded up a key plant component – the quench tower – in [South] Korea to send it on its journey to the construction site in eastern Siberia. This column plays a vital role in cooling and purifying the cracked gas.” With a height of 80 m and diameter of almost 14 m, the quench tower is among the largest of its kind.

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