The Port of Valencia will create an innovation hub

The Port Authority of Valencia (APV) intends to create a hub specialized in technology and innovation that would be located in the old workshops of the port of Valencia, specifically, on land that is next to the tram tracks of Calle Sopena, located in the Cabañal-Cañamelar neighborhood.

This new project of the PAV, which has been announced this Friday by its general director and by its president, Francesc Sánchez and Aurelio Martínez, respectively, comes after the proposal made last week by the City of Valencia to reorder this space – and that in the absence of specifying details has the approval of the PAV – which allows the port of Valencia to maintain two plots of buildable character and preserve it time an existing sports area.

The president of the port of Valencia has argued that the creation of this new innovation center responds to the commitment of the PAV to create a specialized area “that is an example at national and international level of concentration of startups and initiatives”, taking advantage of the proximity to other centers that are in the port such as Insomnia and Edem, whose building is located in an area very close to the future innovation center: “I think it is important that it is located there,” said Martínez.

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