Interview: Tom Prijs, Country Sales Manager, AntwerpXL

Welcome to the team Tom. What excited you about joining AntwerpXL?

Thanks, I’m happy to be here! It’s great to be part of a team which is working so hard on a new event, and I can’t wait to help it grow in this interesting industry.

You’ve moved from Eindhoven to London to work with AntwerpXL. What’s the best thing about living in London?

It’s a combination: I get to live abroad in this massive, amazing city, but also get to do business and travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and beyond.

Do you have a favourite bar/restaurant/spot yet?

For lunch you can find me every single day at The Munch Box in Twickenham, Miss Wan (Thailand) and her husband serve the freshest salads, with Wan’s Thai specialty of the day always coming with a nice chat.

What are you looking forward to most about AntwerpXL 2020?

Seeing the breakbulk community come together in Antwerp to create new business opportunities, learn, AND have fun!

What’s your advice for any companies thinking about exhibiting at AntwerpXL?

The first edition was a big success and only the beginning of the XL story! Just don’t wait any longer to secure your stand for 2020.

Do you have any trips planned in the next month?

I’ll start in Antwerp and the Netherlands for 9th – 13th September, then I’ll be in Germany from the 16th-20th September.

If you want to arrange a meeting with Tom on his travels, simply send him an email.

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