Poorly organized and executed logistics means additional costs, delays, damages, losses and dissatisfied customers. If well organized, it becomes an asset. Your asset!

Deufol can help you with this: from the goods receipt via storage and stock management up to the goods issue and shipment to your customers or production. In addition, we can offer you all kinds of value-added services such as labeling, (re-)packaging, assembly, quality control and rework. Pick & pack, transport, customs clearance … we organize it all. Tailor-made for your needs!

We look at your needs, your challenges, and adjust our services accordingly. You get the customization you need.

A selection from our logistics services:
• Storage and warehouse management, storage planning, storage management
• Contract logistics, tailored to your needs !: For your production, distribution and projects.
• Production supply & delivery
• Logistics and packaging of spare parts
• Customs and document management
• Transport organization
• Purchasing planning, shipping planning
• Track and trace
• Pick & Pack
• Additional services: Quality control, (re-)packaging, promotional packaging & displays, rework, assembly …

Interested?: Contact us at belgium@deufol.com