Do you have goods that need to be transported protectively, but don’t fit in a sea container or truck? We provide a tailor-made solution! We pack your large industrial goods so that they can be transported and handled without suffering any damage.

We pack your goods for air freight, road freight, rail freight and maritime freight. Tailor-made for transport, in other words.

Your goods need a protective packaging that can withstand rain, moisture, sea water, temperature fluctuations, different climate zones, bad transport conditions, shocks and the like.

In order to protect goods against these elements the goods can be packed in PE Foil, VCI foils and provided with an aluminium vacuum packaging in combination with dehumidifiers so that a high packaging standard and a perfect condition of the goods to their destination can be guaranteed.

Internal packaging can be added for fragile and electronic goods. We use foils and extra protections according to the needs and challenges the goods undergo during transport, transshipment and storage.

We offer a tailor-made solution for every packaging request and transport type. This in accordance with international packaging guidelines.

“Perfection in protection” to guarantee a safe and high quality of delivery. All the way to the other side of the world.

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