PACKAGING EXCEPTIONAL OBJECTS: works of art, antiques, classic cars…


What do the Avions Voisin C28 Aérosport (one of the most beautiful cars in the world), the Ferrari Formula 1 (one of the fastest cars in the world at one time) and the Agoria Bluepoint (the fastest solar-powered car in the world) have in common? They are unique. They are valuable. They have been packed by Deufol.
Deufol packs your unique objects. We pack, among other things:
– Oldtimers, both cars and motorbikes
– Sports cars
– Test cars and prototypes
– Antique and vintage furniture
– Art: sculptures, paintings,…
– Demonstration equipment
– Scale models

Our customers are artists, collectors, art dealers, international moving companies, universities, architects, designer studios and museums.

We design the packaging tailored to the unique piece and the transport route. Our packaging protects your valuable goods against everything that is needed: humidity, shocks, scratches, dust, light,… We package your product for sea freight, air freight, rail transport or road transport. And we are also happy to organize the transport for you.

We deliver the packaging to you. And we also pack your precious product. At Deufol, or at your company. With professional packers, the right packaging materials, the right tools.

If you need to transport a unique and valuable good, you need to rely on a professional packaging company. On Deufol.Do you only want to entrust your precious goods to a reliable partner? We will treat your object with the utmost attention and care

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