Is your or your customer’s shipping container blocked at the port due to damage? Causing extra costs and loss of time? A quick repair on site is necessary!

Deufol can help you out!

A damaged shipping container is automatically blocked for further transport. The sea container poses a potential hazard to anyone involved during handling and onward transportation. From then on, the owner of the consignment is responsible for repairing and storing the damaged container.

If the repair cannot be carried out quickly enough, your cargo will not arrive at its destination on time. You will also be charged extra for storage of the damaged sea container at the port. A blocked sea container will cost you money. Literally. We understand that at DEUFOL!

Our Solution.
Speed is of the essence. That is why we promptly send a mobile team to the location of the shipping container. We measure the damage and draw up a plan of action with a price quotation. We consult with you. And after approval, we start work immediately!

Thanks to our fully equipped mobile teams, we can repair (almost) all damage to shipping containers on site. We can:

Replace the damaged parts of the damaged shipping container.
Design, produce and fit additional profiles or reinforcements to the damaged shipping container.
Reweld the damaged shipping container.
Repaint or apply a water repellent coating to the damaged container.
DEUFOL obtains all necessary work permits to work on the quay in the port. (e.g. welding and grinding work)

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