Your industrial products need to arrive undamaged and on time at destination. The right packaging is essential: Tailor-made packaging for your product and the journey.

At Deufol, we understand that. Your unique product needs a unique packaging solution:

Standard (reusable or non-reusable) crates for serial products. Strong transport bases for heavy loads or large installations. Protective packaging for sensitive electronics and fragile goods. Secure packaging for dangerous goods. Packaging for sea freight, air freight, road freight or rail transport. Preservation packaging for long term storage…

We design the packaging you need. The proper design with the appropriate materials! This for all industries: Packaging for general industry, energy, mechanical engineering, automotive, healthcare, aviation, food or infrastructure… We ensure that our packaging and packaging processes meet the specific requirements of your sector, your product, country of destination and international standards (such as ISPM-15).

With Deufol as your industrial packaging company, you choose the ideal partner. For the proper packaging. Tailored to your product and transport.

With decades of experience in various sectors such as energy, automotive, manufacturing, mechanical engineering and health care, and with our locations around the world, we have the resources to meet your needs. Let Deufol be your partner.

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