Your Supply Chain gives you headaches? Deufol HUB is the solution!

Do you have multiple suppliers, in different regions?
Do you need more space in your production?
Do you want more control and transparency in your Supply Chain?
Do you want to reduce costs, waste and inefficiency?
Do you want to concentrate on your core business?
A Deufol HUB is the solution: We consolidate your goods in a DEUFOL HUB which we manage for you. You can focus on your core business.

The advantages are for you:

COST PRICE REDUCTION: Your DEUFOL HUB ensures: Lower transport costs! Lower stocks of packaging material! Short delivery times! Logistical equipment and expert staff managed by Deufol.

TRANSPARENCY: Within your DEUFOL-HUB you are always aware of the status and
location of your goods and parts.

CONTROL: You have control over quality, costs, predicted delivery time and much more.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT: The DEUFOL HUB recognizes and reports quality errors. In an early stage. You are ready to solve the problem immediately.

FLEXIBILITY & SHORT STORAGE TIME IN STORAGE: Your DEUFOL HUB is your storage space for parts, overproduction and other materials that you do not need right away. Deufol ensures fast and efficient action when you need it.

SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT: Your DEUFOL-HUB coordinates cooperation with your suppliers: set KPIs, measure against reference values and develop continuous improvement

GREEN LOGISTICS: With a DEUFOL HUB you consolidate goods flows, so you reduce transport. That means a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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