Monitor your goods during transport or handling: Continuously. At any location. At any time. With Deufol Connected Pack Control you keep your finger on the pulse!

The Deufol CPC is a device that monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, movement and light levels, as well as GPS position. CPC allows you to react quickly and accurately anywhere in the world, as all data is sent in real time to our web portal. In addition, the system can notify you immediately if any of the limits set by you have been exceeded. This allows you to react immediately to any non-standard incident, so you won’t be faced with any surprises at your destination. This way, you ensure reliability and transparency in your Supply Chain.

This is how the CPC tracker works:

The CPC device is installed during the packaging process.
The device is programmed according to your desired guidelines: You choose whether you want to receive alarms and at which incidents. You choose whether or not the device reports data during transport, and at what intervals.
The device also stores all measurement data on the SD card.
Data transmission (via GSM network) takes place via SMS *, and/or via an upload of the data stored on the SD card.

You can view and download the data via the Deufol CPC portal.

The advantages:
1. Monitoring of the parameters that are important to you during transport and handling.
2. Real Time * information, easily accessible via the Deufol CPC portal. Including the possibility of being alerted via SMS.
3. You can act proactively if necessary. You do not have to wait for the goods to reach their destination.
4. The device is reusable. You can use it for several consecutive shipments.
5. Perfect for important and/or sensitive machines and equipment.

*) Data exchange only takes place with GSM connection.

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