The Deufol mobile packaging teams. Better equipped than ever. With the Deufol mobile tool trolley!


The Deufol mobile packaging teams work on all kinds of sites and at all kinds of workplaces. Managing tools on site, storing them properly and safely, finding them easily, not losing them… In order to work smoothly and safely. For our customers. For you! That is a challenge! We are now improving it. With the new Deufol mobile tool trolley.

The DEUFOL heavy duty tool trolley. The advantages:
-More space for more and larger tools.
-More tidiness.
-More safety.
-Better ergonomics.
-Less loss (and theft) of tools.
-Less running to and from the lorry or van.
-Less searching for tools.
-Smoother and more productive working
The Deufol mobile teams will soon be better equipped. To pack on the move. At any location. For you!

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