08-10 October 2024
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Major fertiliser shipment lifts British agriculture


Port of Sunderland

Major fertiliser shipment lifts British agriculture

The nations’s farmers and consumers will benefit from the dawn of a new era in British agriculture this week, after one of the largest fertiliser vessels ever to visit the nation’s shores docked at Port of Sunderland.

The TORM AUSTRALIA, which could carry the Titanic in its hold, has brought much-needed nitrogen fertiliser from the Americas to the UK, reducing the nation’s reliance on fertilisers sourced from traditional domestic and near-continental suppliers that are in short supply.

Fertilisers are the lifeblood of the entire food chain helping farmers be more productive, efficient and cost-effective. The fertilisers will be stored at Brineflow’s new purpose-built, deep-water fertiliser terminal before being processed and delivered to directly to farms throughout the country.

Not only does the new terminal give the UK reliable access to global supplies of fertiliser, but it is also fast becoming a critical piece of the nation’s infrastructure, with sufficient capacity to meet peak demand in the spring to replace domestic sources of fertiliser production which have been curtailed.

And it’s not only farmers that will be benefitting. Bringing fertilisers from some of the world’s lowest-cost producers will bear-down on the cost of living while the new terminal has been engineered to reduce fertilisers’ total carbon and nitrous emissions by a fifth compared to traditional fertilisers as they make their journey from factory to field.

The TORM AUSTRALIA will be the first of many giant tankers to dock at the port following the signing of a strategic joint venture between Brineflow and German agricultural giant HELM AG in November.

Headquartered in Hamburg, HELM AG is a producer of fertiliser with extensive liquid nitrogen [UAN] manufacturing capabilities in Trinidad, meaning it can ship large vessels to the British market from an area unconstrained by European gas shortages.

Carrying the Danish flag, the 183 metre long TORM AUSTRALIA was built in 2011 and boasts a carrying capacity of 49,999 tonne, making it one of the largest tanker ships to ever dock at the port. In fact, three tugs were needed to guide the vessel in and out of the port.

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