08-10 October 2024
Antwerp expo

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Conoship International

Conoship International

About us

Conoship International is a Dutch ship design and engineering company at the forefront of innovation and technology in the maritime industry. Since 1952, over 2,000 ships have been built according to the company’s designs.
Conoship provides solutions for the shipping industry, from feasibility studies, consultancy services, design, and basic engineering, to workshop drawings, to project development, with a strong focus on efficiency and sustainability. The company has an international and diverse team located in Groningen, Rotterdam and Gdansk.


Job Ads

All-round commercial employee

We are looking for an all-round commercial employee who, together with colleagues, prepares quotations for projects ranging from small design assignments to complete basic and detailed design packages.
With your experience in the maritime sector, you write specifications for new ships and for renovations of existing ships. You will also talk to customers at various trade fairs, where you will also contribute to their organization. In addition, you and your marketing colleagues will put Conoship even better on the map and provide input for substantive marketing content.

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Project manager with knowledge of shipbuilding

Conoship International is looking for an experienced naval architectl designer/engineer who can independently make an engineering project a success. He/she can lead a team of designers, constructors and engineers to develop a concept design into a complete class package for the shipyard. He/she can, among other things, draw up an action plan, monitor budgets and quality, make risk analyzes and know how to value the interests of all parties involved and include them in the decision-making process. A project manager ensures a good atmosphere within the project team and knows how to guarantee a good relationship with the customer.

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Senior Naval Architect

We are looking for an experienced designer who can set up, develop and delegate a concept design. He/she can lead a team of designers, constructors and engineers to devise and realise a complete concept design of various types. ship types such as General Cargo, Tankers, Dredgers, Offshore Ships, Ro-Ro ships and specials.

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