4 - 6 October 2022 | Antwerp expo

4 - 6 October 2022 | Antwerp expo

BSC Group

About us

BSC Group is a young leading shipping company with their specialism in the Arctic Sea. With our large network and own TC-fleet we can manage a sustainable trade between Europe and Asia.
Our goal is to make all-round usage of the Northern Sea Passage in the Arctic Sea. We are specialized to handle the most outstanding and exclusive project cargos worldwide. With the deep understanding of the shipping market and world trade, we can do the foll:

– VC / TC / BB / S&P
– Northern Sea Passage (NSP) / Arctic Sea
– Power Energy / offshore / engineering
– Shipbroking in OOG / IMDG (IMO) / project / (dry-wet)-bulk / containers
– Freight Forwarding worldwide

Your shipping partner for the long-term.



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