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APS capabilities allow us to precisely develop the transportation methods – from creating delivery scheme and planning the detailed directions to engineering the route, dismantling road infrastructure and receiving permissions. APS has a rich experience in transporting oversized cargos:
– industrial constructions
– agricultural and road machinery
– factory equipment
– tanks and pipes
– any other packed/opened heavy and bulky cargos
We are favorably compared with other companies, doing oversized cargos delivery, due to a list of advantages that makes us different:
– we provide full list of services with our own fleet, taking all the responsibilities on the delivery quality and terms;
– APS drivers and logistics operators know the specifics of laws for transporting heavy and bulky goods in European Union. Requirements for such transportation in EU are not yet unified, thus practical experience is really valuable;
– our company has a long-term experience in project transportation and we are ready to take even the most challenging tasks;
– we do our best to reduce costs of transport component within your business, thoroughly and individually preparing each transport request, using modern equipment;
– APS will take care of all the formal issues for you: we start transportation – we complete it, your task (request) is solved.



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